Warsop Cricket League


Report of 2017 Awards & Review Event is on News Section

The Warsop League has maintained the revolutionary format we originally adopted in 2015 and revised in light of experience in 2016.  There are a few relatively minor changes to the regulations for 2017. We have attracted 18 sides to participate in 2017 and our newcomers are most welcome.
Each team will play 8 x 40-overs-per-side matches. Best wishes for very enjoyable cricket.

The following documents are available on separate pages containing information about the league for 2017:

2017 Fixtures & Results By Date

2017 Club Directory
2017 League & Match Rules

Nominations for Warsop Sunday League Half Season Awards to be sent to the Organiser at warsop@blackmanservices.co.uk by 5 July and 27 September 2017.

Nominations for the Essex County Cricket Board Team of the Month Awards should also be submitted to:



Friendly Fixture Arranging
More guidance if necessary





This section is for Clubs to advertise that they are short for forthcoming matches and would like volunteers to play for them in a forthcoming match.

It is also for individual players to say they are available and would like to play on any days if any club has a space.

Email: warsop@blackmanservices.co.uk   and your requests will be posted here. Please also use the Essex County Cricket website which has a similar service and may attract messages from clubs and players not in membership of this League at http://www.essexcricket.org.uk/community/find-a-fixture-player-or-game/.

This League wants to encourage and do everything possible to enable Games to be played; If Clubs are short and players know you want to play but don't have a game let us know as early as possible in the week leading up to the match so we can work together to 'Get the Games On'


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