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Warsop Stebbing Sunday League Match Rules 2018v3


The spirit and ethos of this League is to have enjoyable Sunday cricket but with the benefits of a simple structure. It provides a friendly but competitive framework and aims to encourage the development of young (13-19 year olds) players which enables them to make the step up from colts and youth cricket to adult cricket. Adult teams are welcome as well, as we hope all matches will be played in the spirit of traditional, friendly, Sunday cricket with sufficient structure. Initially it is open to clubs within a fifteen-mile radius of Chelmsford, which are in membership of the T Rippon Mid Essex League. Clubs throughout Essex are welcome to apply and will be accommodated so long as we’re able to arrange divisions so maximum travel is generally around 30 minutes for away teams.


There are clubs which don’t play on Sundays for various reasons but they may have a few players who would like to play on Sundays. We encourage such players to get together with those of neighbouring clubs who also want to play on Sundays and may form ‘Sunday social clubs’.


With light regulation, low expense, certainty of timing without long travel, the benefits include: enough organisation; friendly ethos; different clubs; and learning and development opportunities for playing, umpiring and scoring. Captains, in conjunction with umpires when appropriate, are responsible for managing matches in accordance with the Spirit of Cricket, the Laws of the Game and these regulations please.


As agreed at the 2017 League Review Meeting, when sides are mainly comprised of young players it is the responsibility of their Club to ensure good general behaviour and conduct throughout; this is the responsibility of the Captain/Manager.


The current MCC Laws, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF LAW 42 WHICH IS NOT TO BE APPLIED, recommendations and ECB directives apply unless otherwise stated in these League Rules & regulations.


  1. All matches are to be played on the dates agreed between the respective club fixture secretaries, as advised to the Organiser and published before the season starts. Whilst generally expected to be on Sundays between the last Sunday of April and the end of September, they may be played on any day of the week. Please will fixture secretaries and players consult, identify dates when it is known availability will be poor and avoid arranging matches on days eg bank holiday weekends, V & other festival weekends, local beer festivals, players’ weddings, etc!
    1. In the event of abandoned matches, re-arrangement is not permitted and the points will be shared.
    2. However, in the event of a clash of fixtures caused by progression to the latter stages of the National Village Cup Knockout competition or similar competition, or loss of players for cricketing reasons/purposes ie selected for district/county/representational trials or matches fixtures may be re-arranged at a mutually convenient date, subject to agreement of the Organiser.
  2. All matches are to commence at 1pm and finish by 6pm unless agreed otherwise between the respective clubs but they must always last no more than five hours, with 2 hours 20 minutes the maximum time for each innings and 20 minutes for tea between the innings.
  3. The home club is to supply TWO orange match balls (which must be purchased & collected from Warsop Stebbing prior to the start of the season). Team cards must be completed fully, signed by the Captain and exchanged at the toss. Throughout the match the team cards must be kept available to the umpires, captains and scorers (usually with the on-field umpires). Afterwards each Club must keep their own team card in case of any need for them to be seen later. The League Organiser may ask to see them at any time after the match in case of need. (Team cards are to be collected from Warsop Stebbing along with the supply of orange match balls.)
  4. The home club is to supply teas & cover the cost of supplying the tea.
  5. All matches shall be played over a MAXIMUM of 40 overs per-side.
  1. In the event of inclement weather, the captains may agree to commence a reduced over match and/or to an earlier or later start which can be done in advance (eg ground is wet now but will be dry by 2/3pm so let’s have a 25/30 over match with away side arriving in time for a 3pm start; or rain is forecast for 5pm so let’s start at 12noon). Any proposal to start earlier/later or reduce the number of overs before the start of the match must be agreed by both captains. If no agreement can be reached then the match remains of 40 overs at the originally agreed start time.
  2. Where rain interrupts play during the first innings, 1 over will be deducted from each innings for every 6 minutes of play lost.
  3. It is always unfortunate when unexpected rain interrupts the second innings. It is unfair on the side batting first just to use averages and we don’t understand the Duckworth Lewis Method. Any means mutually agreed between the captains to finish the match is acceptable so long as the need for individual players to leave at the expected finishing time for the match is fully respected.
  4. 15 overs must be completed by each side to constitute a match.
  5. Where the side batting first is bowled out before the 40th other, the balance of any overs remaining will be lost. The side batting second will have a maximum of 40 overs to chase their target.
  6. 10 overs will be bowled continuously from each end. Thus, the fielding side will choose which end to start bowling from and 10 overs will be bowled from that end by alternating bowlers; then 10 in the same manner from the opposite end; then 10 from the original end; and finally ten from the opposite end.
  7. 2 penalty runs to be awarded for all wides with no additional delivery except in the 40th over of an innings. A clear mark must be made one foot from each outside stump. All leg side deliveries passing the batsman and one foot or wider must be adjudged wide. However, if both sides agree before the match commences, they can judge all balls passing the batsman outside the leg stump to be treated as wide.
  8. In all respects not amended by these regulations, the Laws of Cricket are to be applied; so an extra delivery will be required after a No Ball but there will be no ‘free hits’.
  9. Bowlers may not bowl more than 5 overs in a spell and must then wait the same number of alternating overs before bowling again (ie if they have bowled  5 overs they must wait 10 consecutive overs before they can bowl again).
  10. Batsmen are to retire on reaching the score of 50 runs and are permitted to return in the order in which they retired when the last batsman in the team is either out or has to retire.
  11. Teams may play in coloured clothing other than orange.
  12. Teams can play music during intervals in play, for boundaries and wickets should they so wish but must not disturb neighbours and other users of grounds.
  1. In a 40 over match, the maximum number of overs permitted per bowler is 8. In rain-curtailed matches, no bowler may bowl more than one-fifth of the overs.
  2. Points will be awarded as follows
    1. 4 points for a win
    2. 3 points for a tie
    3. 2 points each for a no-result
    4. 0 points for defeat
  3. In the event of the scores of both teams being equal after their allotted overs, the result will be declared a tie, regardless of the number of wickets lost.
  1. Warsop Stebbing will provide two Half Season Awards by way of a Warsop Stebbing equipment voucher for the periods up to and including Sunday 1 July 2018, and then up to and including Sunday 23 September 2018.  These are to recognise improvement of or performance by a young/inexperienced player and/or contributor and/or team. Nominations, by captains, umpires, scorers and Club Officials must be received by the Organiser by email to warsop@blackmanservices.co.uk by 6 July and 28 September 2018 respectively, stating the name, position and contact details of the sender; they should be for outstanding performances and contributions in performance and contribution to a match both on and off the field (so including aspects of match organisation and officiating as well as in play). All awards will be presented at the Warsop Sunday League Annual Awards and Review event to be held in October 2018. ECCB has a Player of the Week Award for exceptional performances and players in this League are eligible and Clubs are encouraged to nominate players for this when appropriate.
  2. Failure to fulfil a fixture due to concession will result in a 6 point deduction. If by the Away Club after Tuesday night before a Sunday match or less than five clear days for a match on any other day of the week then they will pay the Home Club £60 to compensate for the cost of pitch hire/preparation and if less than 36 hours before the scheduled start (ie no later than Friday night for a Sunday match) then they will pay the Home Club an additional £40 to compensate for the cost of the teas.
    1. However, this League wants to encourage cricket to be played if at all possible.
    2. Early communication by Monday of difficulties raising sides to seek solutions, playing with less than 11-a-side and shorter boundaries and attracting players from other Clubs are all constructive options encouraged, to be explored and are allowed.
    3. Where a club concedes more than 2 fixtures in a season, they will be required to explain to the League why they failed to fulfil their fixtures and could be expelled from the League.
    4. By mutual agreement a match may be reversed, played on a neutral ground or played on an artificial pitch so long as the date of the match is not altered except as allowed for in paragraph 1b above.
    5. There is no restriction on participating players; in the event of shortages players may be ‘borrowed’ from other clubs.
  3. Results must be submitted by both sides to the Organiser by the end of the day of the match.
    1. This can be submitted preferably via email to warsop@blackmanservices.co.uk  , or by voicemail on 01245 322079, giving the name and contact phone number of the informant.
    2. When submitting the match result, the following information must be included: The number of players on each side, the scores of each team and the number of wickets lost, the overs faced by each side and any notable individual performances.
    3. The new League Play Cricket website will be ‘up and running’ as soon as possible during the 2018 season and this section will be amended appropriately to include that then.
  4. Failure to submit the match result within 24 hours of its completion will result in a 1 point penalty for each offence.
  5. A report about any serious breaches of discipline arising from events on the field should be sent within 48 hours of the match by email to the Organiser at warsop@blackmanservices.co.uk  . Clubs are advised and encouraged to take pro-active actions to prevent and resolve issues when they arise.

The bottom two teams in Division 1 and Division 2 will be relegated. The top two teams in Division 2 and Division 3 will be promoted. In 2018 new clubs will be able to join this League and a new Division 3 be formed if necessary. Clubs and the League Organisers will be able to negotiate some flexibility with these arrangements considering the experiences in the 2018 season and the likely strength of continuing and new sides for 2019.

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