Warsop Cricket League


Report re Warsop Sunday League in 2017 Season

Reflecting review at League event on 1 November 2017


The Warsop Sunday League 2017 Awards & Review Event was held at Club Woodham, South Woodham Ferrers, on the evening of 1 November 2017. About forty people attended, including representatives of most participating Clubs, together with Graham Pryke, Essex County Cricket Board, who kindly brought the County Championship Trophy along.


The following presentations were made:

  • Highly Commended performance during the 2017 season went to:
    • Jack Taylor, Tillingham (4-33 inc hattrick v Terling on 7 May)
    • Abdul Syed, Chelmsford Super Kings (60* in total 97ao + 1wkt v Hatfield Peverel on 11 June)
    • James Taylor, Great Waltham (5-34 v Hockerill on 18 June)
    • Cameron Tredgett, Hutton (60 & 3-28 v Great Waltham on 2 July)
    • William Palmer-Fenny, Hockerill (15yr old, 2nd mention, 8-2-23-1 + brilliant fielding performance v Ardleigh Green on 13 August)
  • Awards for Best Performances during the 2017 season went to:
    • Robert Connor, Hockerill (4-29 inc hattrick + wonderful 23 & returned from Kent Uni, Canterbury, to play v Great Waltham on 18 June)
    • Matthew Clarke, Hockerill (14 yr old in 1st adult game, 30* + special fielding performance v Ardleigh Green on 13 August).
  • Division 2 2017 Runners-Up: Chelmsford Super Kings
  • Division 2 2017 Champions: Woodham Mortimer
  • Division 1 2017 Joint Winners: Great Waltham & Hutton.


Graham Pryke was thanked for the support given to the League by him and Essex CCB.


Huge thanks was shown to Clere & Tony for the support they give to the League with the Warsop name and sponsorship.


The League Organiser reported that:


The Ethos of the League was met in the 2017 season; ie to play friendly enjoyable Sunday cricket, enable young and inexperienced players to make the transition into adult cricket and enable smaller clubs to develop. There had been a lot of exciting, close, enjoyable matches.

Matches are played on dates as arranged by fixture secretaries in line with the fixtures schedule provided by the League – rearrangement is allowed without penalty when teams are affected by district & county representative calls and any other cricket related reasons.

Times and lengths of matches – the format is designed to deliver 5 hour matches which finish by the expected time; usually a 1pm start and finish by 6pm, including 20 minutes for tea between innings;  have noticed this is slipping and need to renew in 2018 please.

Orange balls: no complaints about them received.

Cancellations/concessions & costs: it had been disappointing to see the number of matches still being conceded but this is a national feature.

Wides: the allowance of a foot outside on leg side is helping but it is fine for both sides agree to revert to all balls outside leg stump being treated as wide.

Efforts to make games happen/get games on were made including bringing in players from other clubs, outside and sharing excess available players; also some games were reduced in length or times of play altered to beat bad weather.

Performances & participation: young & old took part in equal measures and produced notable performances and expressed their enjoyment.

Administrative load: reporting results was often late but the majority of the big administration takes place during the winter and the weekly administration of results is not very time consuming.


Organisers observations and suggestions for 2018 AND DECISIONS:

  • Maintain present format - AGREED
  • Make clear games to be played in accordance with all present MCC Laws unless specific exceptions made by League Regulations – WILL BE ADDED FOR CLARITY
  • When sides are mainly comprised of young players responsibility of Club to ensure good general behaviour and conduct of match in all respects, with possible oversight of Captain/Manager - AGREED
  • Play Cricket new website in course of development for use in 2018 season - AGREED
  • Other counties increasingly running Sunday Development Leagues with aim to develop young players; most are quite heavily regulated and organised:
    • Essex needs similar to fit in with overall county framework for future of our cricket
    • Middlesex minimum 7 players under 21
    • Kent minimum 6 players under 21 of whom at least 2 must be under 18
    • Surrey minimum 7 players under 21 of whom at least 5 must be under 18
    • Cornwall maximum 8 players over 18; teams get 1 bonus point per additional (ie over 3) under 18 [player per game
  • Want to offer Warsop League as natural home for development of Essex young cricketers into adult cricket - AGREED.
  • Separate divisions? – NOT PRACTICABLE
  • Encourage all Essex Clubs with colts sections to take part either standing alone or in conjunction with neighbouring clubs; especially those in SNEL, those aspiring to join SNEL in 2019 and others in top divisions of other leagues – AGREED AND SEEK HELP OF ESSEX CCB TO HELP PROMOTE
  • Continue light touch approach and ethos for enjoyable Sunday cricket - AGREED
  • Continue to accommodate Clubs with mainly adult sides and developing Clubs as a whole - AGREED
  • Minimum for young players? Bonus points for playing ‘extra’ or younger players? Ability to get games on as availability permits and alter category of matches accordingly – but what if one side is of one type and the other another? – DECIDED TO REMAIN ‘LIGHT TOUCH’ AND NOT SET ANY SPECIFIC CRITERIA BUT CONTINUE TO ENCOURAGE ETHOS OF BOTH DEVELOPING YOUNG/INEXPERIENCED PLAYERS INTO ADULT CRICKET AND HELP CLUBS’ DEVELOPMENT


Peter Blackman

Organiser, Warsop Sunday League


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